Celebrate You this July!

I am Joshua Knudsen-White AKA the Autistic Viking. I design and run an online tee shirt shop called Celebrate You to help support my family which includes 2 children on the Autism spectrum and 1 Adult on the Autism Spectrum and one allistic person who is otherwise neurodivergent, and 7 autistic cats that caught their… Continue reading Celebrate You this July!

Legal Abuse Awareness Month

What is Abusive Litigation?When someone Exploits the legal system to assert power and control over you, he or she is engaging in abusive litigation. Even if you left your abuser, he or she can inflict psychological, emotional, and financial harm by taking you--and even your friends and relatives--to court again and again.

Camp Lakey Gap

Camp Lakey Gap at is a week-long residential camp for people with autism. We serve both children and adults, grouped together by age and assigned to different weeks. Our staff are trained to incorporate evidence-based strategies for supporting people with autism into all elements of our program. Low staff-to-camper ratios allow us to provide a highly individualized experience for… Continue reading Camp Lakey Gap

Celebrate You!

Celebrate You! is the brainchild of social worker Joshua White. Celebrate You was created in 2016 when a call was put out for a neurodiversity themed online art show. His talented friend Chelsea Yarger answered the call and created the original Celebrate You design, which inspired me to teach myself graphic design and create my… Continue reading Celebrate You!

Minecraft_Dante Wins Player Of The Week On Autcraft

“It's not up to us to decide our children's potential. It's already there. We can only encourage & nurture it.”Stuart Duncan In today's blog I am going to talk about Autcraft. Autcraft is the world's very first Minecraft server for Autistic people and their friends & families. I had first heard about Autcraft back in… Continue reading Minecraft_Dante Wins Player Of The Week On Autcraft